Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I love Wednesday's & random thoughts

 When I first decided to start a blog my plan was for it to be about country & primitive decorating & redoing thrift store treasures. But two years ago I made a career change and had very little time for thrifting & decorating. Also during the past two years I got sick and had a lot of doctor visits and ER stays so I pretty much blogging.
 At one point I decided to delete my blog because my posts were so few. Had the usual thoughts, what do I talk about, who cares what I have to say, who's gonna read it anyway. But a couple of months ago there was an incident that caused me to give it another try and I will talk to you about that later as well as how I feel that God has been working in my heart and life.
 My posts will probably be out of order and random but that seems to be the way my mind works.
  I love my Wednesday's off from work. Most of the time it's just me and the dogs.
Today the weather has been nice, a little overcast and windy, perfect for spending time outside practicing with my camera. So I decided I'd try a few self portraits {yuk} and some random pics.
Finally got my first {but not my last} pair of Lucchese cowboy boots.
Luv! Luv!
Made myself a little snack of colbyjack cheese, black forest ham and dill sea salt & olive oil Triscuits {I'm addicted}.
Practiced taking a few {lot} self portraits.
Okay, I guess, but I need a looooot more practice.
I have decided he who invented the delete button is a genius.
And last but not least I wanted to share wanted to share one of the things I collect with you.
I love old cameras. This one is the first camera I ever owned.
A little Caprice Supermatic, it used a 126 film cartridge {I still have one} that is larger than a lot of cell phones. My uncle Marty gave me this camera for Christmas when I was in the first grade.
I found this little Kodak Brownie Hawkeye at a thrift store for $5!
I also found this one at the same thrift store for only $10!
I now have 13 old cameras in my collection. I'll share more pics of those later.
I'm off now to the new Harris Teeter that opened today less than a quarter mile from my house {they have a Starbucks}!
Hopefully I'll be able to find a parking spot. My bff Melissa text me earlier that at 9:30 this morning there was no parking spots available.
Wish me luck!
Till next time,
Many blessing to you,
Kimberly : )

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