Wednesday, January 26, 2011

When God called Amy answered

My heart is broken and my mind is confused as I try to understand why bad things happen to great people.
On Monday just past 12 a.m. my dear friend Amy lost her young life in a car accident.
This is a picture of Amy & me at my bridal shower in the spring of 2009.
She was such an amazing person. She was an artist and she had worked for several years at a local Animal Hospital before becoming one of Fayetteville's best hairdressers. Everyone who met her instantly loved her. She cared about everyone she knew. It is still hard for me to believe, I can't help but think that if I show up for my 3:30 appointment today she will be there waiting with a smile.
Amy had her two dogs Tasha & Calvin with her and if animals do go to heaven then they too are in the presence of our Lord. Please pray for her family.
Thank you for following,
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  1. Oh how very sad Kimberly - My heart goes out to you on the loss of your friend. No words can ease the hurt of your loss and that of Amy's family, but I will be praying for you all, and for Amy too.

  2. Dear Kimberly..May God Wrap his lovong arms around you and hold you during this time of Sorrow. We never understand why the Lord calls our friends home and we never stop feeling the grief of our loss. The stab of our loss softens after time but the memory is still ever present. Your friend will live on in your heart. Someday you will meet again in the lords house and embrass each other with open arms. Until then know that your friend is watching over you and lives on in your heart. My prayers are with you and her family.

    Warm Blessings

  3. Oh Kimberly, I hear your pain and grief in your words...I am so totally sorry to see that you have lost such a beautiful person in your life...Loss is so immediate and reality is sometimes hard.

    I hope you know I am praying for you and for her family that you find peace...Know you are surrounded by love from those of us know don't "know" you, but know you...

    Cherish her memories and remember the good times.

    Always, Faye
    Southern Pines NC

  4. I am so sorry to hear this I know how sad you must be. My prayers go out to her family and you.