Wednesday, July 21, 2010

To grandmothers house we go!!

Today Christopher & I start the second half of our vacation. We are going to visit my grandmother in Tennessee. As I mentioned in yesterdays post she will turn a very young 87 this Friday. My daughter Tish and her husband Dan are arriving tomorrow to surprise her and on Friday we have family coming to her house for a surprise birthday get together. My dad has been getting in touch with my grandmothers sister, brother and nieces and nephews to let them know about the get together we are planning. She's always so willing to do for others now it's our turn to do for her. While there Christopher and I plan to get her out of the house for shopping or whatever she wants to do. She doesn't know how to drive so she doesn't get out much other than the basics, hair, dental and doctor appointments, grocery shopping. And hopefully we can convince her to visit the Museum of Appalachia. It is only and hour away from her home and I think it would be a fun day for her to get out for a picnic and some sight seeing. Then on Sunday she will come home with us to visit for a couple of weeks. Ashton is trying to get a flight home from Italy next week to surprise her because my grandmother still thinks she won't be home till late next month. I'm sure I'll have lots of pictures to post when we get back home. We will be traveling through the Smokey Mountains and the area where my grandmother lives is in the foothills. Lots of beautiful scenery.
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Back from Kure beach

The past few days simply went by WAY too fast! But isn't that always the way it is with a vacation? Christopher & I left early Sunday afternoon for a few days away at our favorite spot, Kure Beach NC. We love vacationing there because the pace seems to be a bit slower. I think the "older" crowd {like Christopher & me} go there. We always stay at the Admirals Quarters and always ocean front, there's nothing better than waking up to a view of the ocean.
Then we took a walk on the fishing pier which is next to our hotel.
And took pictures of the pelicans that are always ready to pose.
We set the clock for 5am so we could go walk the beach for shells.
But I think we hit snooze till 6am, made some very yummy Hawaiian Hazelnut coffee for energy and hit the beach. We were surprised that we spent over two hours walking the beach for shells. I am always amazed at how easily I lose all track of time walking along the shore. All of life's worries seem to melt away and the shoulders seem a lot lighter. The thoughts seem to ramble in no particular direction and time seems to stand still. At night we took flash lights out to the beach and watched the crabs come to shore and then race back to the water. After two mornings of scouring the beach we had a bucket full of shells. My grandmother who will turn 87 this Friday always loved walking the beaches of Wilmington, NC looking for tiny shells. She has an inner ear imbalance now that makes if very difficult for her to walk up the three steps to her front door let alone walk the beach for shells, so that was her one request from this trip. Pick me up some little shells she said. So Christopher & I found enough to fill a jar for her. Something so simple can mean so much.
After our time on the beach we took the 35 minute ferry ride over the Cape Fear River.
Which took us to the beautiful town of Southport filled with gift and antique shops.
and restaurants.
A few things we saw on our ferry ride back to Kure Beach.

Once the ferry ride was over we headed to our favorite place to eat.
Jack Mackerel's has the BEST food. For lunch Christopher had the Fish & Chips {their own recipe} and I had the Cajun Burger with fries {their own seasoning}. Yummy. We love this place so much, in fact, we ordered take out for dinner. Folks let me tell ya, their Calamari and Coconut Shrimp appetizer, heavenly. We split an entree of shrimp, scallops and fried oysters. We eat there every time we're in town and have never gotten anything we didn't like. Along with this wonderful late night dinner we had Mango Passion Martini's {Christopher's personal recipe}, perfection. Around 10:30 p.m. we headed back out to the beach for a much needed walk.
And today, before heading home, we visited the Fort Fisher Aquarium.
Where we saw many cool things, like this guy.
And this big fella.
The Jelly Fish were pretty cool too but not like the one we found washed up on the beach last night.
The Finding Nemo{not their real name} fish are my personal favorites.
We lunched one last time at Jack Mackerel's {did I mention that we love this place?} then one last look before heading home.
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Thursday, July 15, 2010

I have been inspired!

Good evening blog friends! Temps here in Fayetteville was in the mid 90's today and just before leaving work the skies seemed to open up to the worst downpour I've seen in quite a while but the closer to Hope Mills I got the skies were blue.
I had to stop at Food Lion for creamer, can't have coffee without it, and by the time I came out it was looking very rainy.
In a previous post I mentioned a few changes here at home. Since starting my blog I have been a follower of  the nester. Though our home looked okaay, It just didn't have "that" feel I was hoping for when I walked through the door. So, anyway, while surfing through her previous posts I found her window mistreatments and I really liked her style. So, thus the inspiration. Then I found the fabrics (from a previous post at Hobby Lobby) and decided I would make a balloon shade out of the check fabric.
Then I found these FREE instructions on how to make a balloon shade!
Uh, ya. Have you ever read those things? I mean really, it's like you need a four year degree or something. Scratch that idea. But then I thought I could do it my own way. So, two yards of fabric and 40 plastic rings later........
I came up with this {not a good picture, I apologize} but I think you can get the gist of it. And 6 1/2 yards of toile fabric later
this is the mistreatment I came up with and all because I fell in love with those red check curtains! But I have to say that it was so easy even a caveman could do it {sorry I couldn't help myself}. Rest assured there will be more projects to follow, but I'm guessing you're a little tired by now so I'll save those for another day.
Thanks so much for indulging me.
Till next time,
Kimberly: )

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I need some help: {

I know I  am not completely unfortunate in the head. However,  I have been trying to change my blog background  and FINALLY after several days of struggling with it  I did it. NOW my problem is that it says Hot Bliggity Blog and The Cutest Blog On The Block. Ummmm, what in the wild world of sports did I do? How did I manage that? And how do I get rid of one of them?
I know it's simple and beyond my comprehension but I would much appreciate any help.
Ever so grateful,
Kimberly: )

A sneak peek

Good Wednesday morning. As I mentioned in my previous post I'm changing some {most} things around in the Country At Heart household. And it started with
I love these fabrics {especially the top two}
And this planter I found on clearance at Hobby Lobby for a steal.
That's all for now folks, I'm off to Wal Mart, Jo Ann's fabric store, Hobby Lobby {my home away from home} then to work. I hope everyone has an awesome Wednesday.
Till next time,
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I've been a bad blogger: (

Oh my goodness! I can't believe I have been away from blogging  for over two months! I'm a terrible blogger:( So much has happened since then. My youngest daughter Ashton went to Italy the first week of June and though she has seem many awesome places the trip has been hard for her. She has never been away from home for more than a couple of weeks.
so needless to say she and I are both ready for her to come home, we are counting down the days. Two weeks to go!!
Also my son Eirk and his fiance Amber  got married a couple weeks ago. My stepson Jason and stepdaughter Sabrina came to visit for a few weeks and Sunday Christopher and I head to Kure Beach NC for a few days of some much needed r&r.
There are a few changes going on inside the Country at Heart household and I'll be posting about those changes soon.
Thanks to all of you who stop by to visit.
Till next time,
Kimberly: )

Happy Anniversary Baby!!

 Three years ago today I met my soul mate and best friend, Christopher. One year ago today we were married and I am amazed how quickly times goes by.