Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Blog yard sale part 2

 I am finally getting around to a little more cleaning in the garage. I spent part of the morning taking donation items to Hope Harbour and decided to go through some of my primitive Christmas items that I knew I would not be using anymore.
 If you see anything you are interested in please email me with your zip code so I can get a shipping cost for you.
1) Santa with burlap bag {wreath not included}. Measures approximately 29" tall. $25.00 plus shipping.
2) Santa with greenery & bear from Just Country. Measures approximately 24" tall. $20.00 plus shipping.
3) Snow man with scarf {pillow not included}. Measures approximately 27" tall. $20.00 plus shipping.
4) This snowman and the following two are being sold as a set of three for $25.00 plus shipping. The first snowman measures approximately 11" tall.
The second in the set of 3 snowmen measures approximately 7 1/2" tall.
The third in the set of three snowmen measures approximately 8" tall.
5) Standing snow girl from Arnette's Country Store. Approximately 28" tall. $40.00 plus shipping.
6) Santa & Elmer. Approximately 22" tall. $20.00 plus shipping.

7) Snowman with greenery approximately 13" tall. $6.00 plus shipping.
8) Primitive Santa with candy cane approximately 23" tall. $15.00 plus shipping.
9) Orange & black crow hooked mat from Raghu Exim Trades. Approximately 8"x10". $7.00 plus shipping.
10) Black sturbridge runner and set of two place mats from Park Designs. Runner measures 54" long x 13" wide, each place mat measures 22" x 13". All measurements include fringe on ends. $7.00 plus shipping.
11) Snowman with cob pipe. Measures approximately 16" tall. $10.00 plus shipping.
12) Set of 4 prim wood bowls. Top left mustard painted bowl approximately 8 1/2" in diameter, top right natural finish bowl {good for painting} approximately 10 1/2" in diameter. Bottom left black wood bowl approximately 10" in diameter, bottom right dark finish wood bowl approximately 13" in diameter. $25.00 plus shipping.
Please feel free to email me with any questions regarding any of the above listed items. I will be back soon with more country/prim items as I clean through more boxes.
Thanks for stopping by,
Till next time,
Kimberly: )

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Junior Prom

 A few weeks ago {after many months of preparation} Ashton & Sean went to their junior prom.
My pictures turned out okay considering this was my first time ever using Ashton's digital camera I had gotten her for Christmas.
I did get a little picture happy: ) but what can I say, that's my baby.
I have to say a big thanks to my friend Loretta who let us invade her back yard for the pictures. I would love to go back one day and snap a few pics to show you of all the vignette's and separate covered seating areas. Each one is decorated beautifully country style. She does have the "magic" decorating touch.
This is the group shot back at Sean's house before heading off to dinner.
After using Ashton's camera I've gotten the bug, maybe I'll get me one of these for my birthday. You know, to me from me: ).
Till next time,
Kimberly; )

Saturday, June 2, 2012


I've been wanting to share the story of Ellington for quite a while but there never seems to be quite enough hours in the day to get home from work, do laundry, cook dinner, feed and walk the dogs, do all the things around the house that never seem to get finished and take the time alone at the computer to tell you about him.
But something happened yesterday as our work day was ending at the animal hospital that reminded me of him.

This is a picture of a dog like Ellington { I did not have one of him to share}.
One of the most difficult decisions a pet owner has to make is letting them go. Some hold on as long as possible, some too long, because letting go is never easy. I took the call for Ellington, put the information in the computer, euthanasia, body care or cremation, they would let us know when they checked in. When the two sisters arrived with Ellington {one with him in her arms}you could see that he was tired, weak and not able to walk on his own. He stared at me with those piercing brown eyes as I asked all the routine questions and got a signature on the consent form. The waiting room had several clients seated with their pets waiting their turn to see a doctor and there was quite a bit of chatter and barking, phones ringing. The sisters, both teary eyed told me the story of Ellington. He had belonged to their parents. Their father had passed away several years ago so it had been just their mother and Ellington. He was a wonderful companion and great comfort to her. She then passed away two years ago and Ellington went to live with one of the sisters. He was now 15 years old and in very bad health and though it hurt them to let him go, they knew it was time.
They stood up front to say their goodbye's, they did not want to watch him go. They each held him in their arms and thanked him for taking such good care of their mother and father and for being such a good brother. They each kissed his little black nose and told him softly it was ok to go and to tell mom and dad that they said hello when he got there. The room by now had grown quiet, everyone touched by what was happening, even the phones were silent. There were no dry eyes in that room and though I did not know them personally I hugged each of them and told them I was so sorry for their loss.
I love my job and most days it is routine appointments, dog barking, cats meowing, cleaning up more puddles & piles than I can count and lots of puppy kisses. We do see a lot of sadness. See a lot of pets go but a select few stand out, stay with you.
Such was Ellington.
Till next time,