Sunday, November 14, 2010

My productive weekend

 Good Sunday morning blog friends! I hope everyone is having a great, safe weekend. My weekend has been very productive. I've been wanting  to change my curtains in my dining and living room for a while now but couldn't decide what I wanted. While shopping at Hobby Lobby on my lunch break one day I found a country red check homespun fabric that I liked and at $2.99 per yard with 30% off I decided to make my own curtains.
 So yesterday I stretched all 9 yards of fabric down my hallway and started measuring and cutting.
And surprisingly it only took a few hours and before you knew it I had some new country curtains.
But as all of you know, once you make one little change, you're suddenly in the mood to change other things around. You know, move this here, move that there. Take this down, well you get the idea.
So this is what I came up with so far.
I found the wooden sconce this past Wednesday at Hope Harbour {one of my favorite thrift stores} and I bought the pineapple candle at Prim and Proper {one of my favorite country stores} which also happens to only be a couple of miles from my house.
I also found this candle holder at Prim and Proper several months ago. It has traveled around the house a bit and for now has came to rest on the quilt shelf that I hung yesterday. But week after next it will change yet again when I start decorating  for Christmas. I've been in the mood to decorate since before Halloween but I thought people would think me a bit weird if I started that early.
So I've been keeping myself busy stitching away on things to use as pin keeps, ornaments,  pillows etc., etc.,

Today I spent quite a bit of time tea staining and baking some of my finished stitching.
Some I will keep but several of them are birthday gifts for  two of my good friends from CWF. I'll post pics of the finished projects later this week as well as some of other things I've moved around in the house and some other goodies I found last week at Hope Harbour.
 I'm off  for now to do some sewing while the mood is still with me. Thanks for stopping by.
Till next time,
Kimberly : )

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