Saturday, April 24, 2010

Another post for today!

I wanted to share my good finds from Salvation Army. I stopped in on my lunch break (it's only a hop, skip and jump away) and look what goodies I found for only $9. I also got a bunny that I want to prim up but I forgot to include her in the photo. Most of these pieces will be sold but I think I'll keep a couple things for me. I always buy things with intentions of consigning them but I usually keep a piece or two. I can't help myself. I love the cookie jar even though there is no lid but I thought it would be great filled with wooden spoons and rolling pins. There's also and old atlas jar filled with gingerbread men and potpourri, I'm definitely keeping that one.
I also wanted to show a couple pictures of my potted petunias and REAL geraniums. I potted them last Sunday and hope to do a few more in the next few weeks. I love bright flowers.
I hope everyone had a great Saturday. I'm off to see if Christopher wants to take Baby and Harley for a quick walk around the neighborhood.
Till next time,
Kimberly: )


  1. What wonderful finds and for only $9!! You did great!!
    Your flowers are beautiful.
    I always plant real geraniums outside, in pots, on my front porch. Havent been able to find any yet though. Hopefully soon the stores will get them in.
    I did make it to Joanns Fabric yesterday. And bought some of their fake ones. I hope to get photos soon and show them off.
    Sorry to babble on. ;)
    Have a wonderful Sunday.

  2. Your flowers are beautiful!! And so lucky to be close to a GW!! Greats finds.

  3. Good finds at GW....lucky you!! Flowers are looking good too. Love all your tweaking in your previous post...those geraniums look so real and really make your gatherings POP. Hope you all have a good week at the shop. Found some goodies at Liberty and hope to go to Cameron this week-end. See you soon.
    Prim friend, Sherrie

  4. Hi Kimberly,
    I love your good taste and greet you across the ocean,
    Ingeborg (Germany)