Sunday, April 11, 2010

Homerules have special meaning

I love this Primitive Stitchin' freebie pattern! It can be found over at love this homerules x-stitch. It was stitched by Christopher's mom who died of cancer several years before we met. About a month ago we were cleaning through storage and came across a large tote of her crafts that he had saved and given to me when we got married. This was one of many things I found. I tea stained it a bit and put in on one of my favorite pieces of blue homespun fabric, framed it and hung it next to our front door. I can't wait to get that box out again. It is full of yarn, x-stitch patterns and kits and lots of other goodies.
  1. If you sleep on it make it up.
  2. If you wear it hang it up.       
  3. If you drop it pick it up.         
  4. If you eat from it put it up.     
  5. If you step on it wipe it off.    
  6. If you open it close it.             
  7. If you empty it fill it up.          
  8. If it rings answer it.                 
  9. If it howls feed it.                    
  10. If it cries love it.                     

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