Thursday, April 22, 2010

I can't believe it's taken me so long to post new pictures. I had a picture of the Americana boxes I did for consignment for Country Comes to Town but I somehow managed to delete that picture. I've done that before, I keep hitting the wrong button so I'll have to put that one on here later. I just wanted to share some of the x-stitch books I found at a couple of local second hand stores over the past couple of weeks. I got all of the ones in the first picture for less than $30, there's about 40 of them. I've also won a few on ebay so I think I'm gonna be stitching for quite some time. I also included a couple pictures of some Beaumont pottery I won on ebay. I think I'm addicted to ebay. I always tell myself I'm only gonna check a couple of things on there and the next thing I know it's hours later. I've also been busy painting, stitching, crafting and cleaning in my spare time. I usually try to post on Sunday's and Tuesday's as those are my days off from work. But this past Tuesday I was busy with visits to the grocery store, book store, thrift stores (no goodies that trip) doctor appointments and Ashton also had  jv and varsity softball games. Whew! So, needless to say,I had to come back to work on Wednesday so I could rest. Lol! 
Saturday at Country Comes to Town was busy, busy. Which is a good thing, the day just flew by. Sherrie from SC stopped in, we had a great visit with her. And what a small world, she knows Jen Taylors farmhouse attic, Karen km primitives and Ms. Linda behind my red door who has been in our store in the past. Hopefully she will make it in to Country Comes to Town, also know as Carolina Window Fashions, I would love to meet her. Also, to those of you who are encouraging Sherrie to start a blog, please continue to do so. I told her that if I could do it anyone can. And that all you wonderful ladies are always so helpful when someone runs into a road block. Okay, enough jabbering for now, back to work. I'll have more to post later. I hope everyone is having a safe and blessed day.
Till next time,
Kimberly: )

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  1. I certainly plan to come there when I visit Jill in May!! I already talked to her about it and she is eager to make the drive there as well! I'll be in touch privately soon!!

    Oh I so hope Sherrie does start a blog but she is obe busy gal as it is!!