Sunday, August 1, 2010

Back from grandma's house

It always amazes me how fast a vacation can fly by. We had an amazing time at the beach, our first alone time in almost a year and we had a lot of fun visiting my family in Tennessee.
It started with a long road trip through the Smokey Mountains.
There a two tunnels that go through the mountains. Why do people always honk their horns when driving through the tunnels?
It only took us seven hours to get to Philadelphia Tennessee and we made five stops along the way, one was a stop at Starbucks of course. There's nothing better than raspberry swirl pound cake and a hazelnut latte, yummy: ).
Tish and Dan arrived Thursday afternoon to surprise my grandmother. She was so happy to see them she almost cried. On Friday {her 87th birthday} Tish, Dan, my dad & stepmother and Christopher and myself took her to Cracker Barrel for an early dinner. I told the waiter it was her birthday so the staff brought her cake & ice cream and sang happy birthday, she thought that was awesome.
On our way back from dinner we took the bridge across the Tennessee river
We stopped in Loudon to browse through Annabell's Emporium. It's filled with antiques, soaps, lotions, teas and so much more. I'm lucky to have a husband who loves antiquing as much as I do.
On the way back to my grandmother's house we drove up a narrow road to the top of a hill and what a view!
Once back at the house Christopher and I took a walk to the church behind my grandmother's house.
We sat on the steps to watch the sunset.
My grandmother Madge, Tish and me.
Our six month old granddog Sasha.
She is a Chiuaua/Pomeranian mix and so full of energy and so loving. And did I mention she's very spoiled?
We didn't get a chance to visit the Museum of Appalachia. It was way too hot with the heat index the temps felt like 105! We all hope to meet again in the fall to visit the museum and hopefully make the trip to Cades Cove
I hope you enjoyed the pictures, thanks for stopping by.
Till next time,
Kimberly: )

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